ZJ Zengjing Technology

       Since its establishment, Zengjing Technology has focused on video media decoding terminals, video interactive cultural wall displays, Bluetooth audio industry, voice Bluetooth smart voice touch wall switches, after several years of development, relying on the advantages of industrial talents to meet the needs of the majority of partners Leading in-depth development and customization, a complete industrial chain of hardware design, software development, and professional factory production has been formed. Brand OEM/ODM customization provides partners with better quality and efficient cooperation experience.

The video media decoding terminal adopts the PC communication serial port encoding control scheme, most of which are used in supporting products of the Internet of Things, and are suitable for multimedia display in museums/science museums/exhibition halls/game halls/cinemas/holographic projection system integration and other scenarios.

Audio products include: digital 5.1 audio converters and Bluetooth A2DP audio wireless transmission modules Products include Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth TV Sound Blaster, Bluetooth backpacks and other Bluetooth audio amplifiers.

Smart voice wall touch switch, supports voice phrase customization, such as: Xiaozhi or Xiaoming...turn on the light, Xiaozhi turns on the fan, Xiaozhi turns on the TV, etc. Touch and voice dual control, application range home appliances, hotels, office buildings, villas and other different users provide professional intelligent control solutions,